Friday, January 26, 2018

Ykseys - Oneness

Sometimes I just wanna stand naked in the rain, barefoot, starving, to feel alive.

When I was young, I said I don't want to have any more than any other person on the planet. My relatives looked at me like I was crazy. My uncle said "of course everyone thinks of themselves first". I didn't. He couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand him. Later I learned that many people do think of themselves and their families first.

I do think of my children first, but there are so many children on this planet in desperate need of help. I can't save them all, but I can teach children to care for this planet and care for other beings. And yet, the increasing amount of children is the worst thing we can do to this planet. The increasing amount of love is, however, not.

I watched this documentary "Blood Brother" about Rocky Braat, the American who helps orphans in India. It just made me think about the craving need to help others. Life without creating something new, creating art or inventions that help humanity and the planet to evolve, or life without helping other people and other living creatures is just meaningless. It makes you feel empty and depressed. No matter how much material security you have.

This need for unity, to be one with creation, is something I've felt before in meditation. I also felt it very profoundly when I was seriously ill. I felt one with every grass on the ground, and it didn't feel scary or weird at all - it felt amazing. Peaceful. It felt like nothing could harm me, because if I died, I would still be one with everything, my energy and atoms would still be there, just in another state.

In meditation I had this vision, actually in regression hypnosis, where I was standing in a circle with other light beings like me, holding hands around a column of light, feeling oneness with everyone and everything, in the beginning of times.

And in another meditation I heard the words "remember that you are just dust", "muista että olet vain tomua", very clearly. And in another hypnosis I heard my spirit guide or whatever say that "you had to experience separateness in order to understand the meaning of oneness", "sinun oli koettava erillisyyttä ymmärtääksesi yhteisöllisyyden merkityksen".

So this is something more than just helping others. It is the need, the inner knowledge, to be One.

The Finnish word for happiness is onnellisuus.

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  1. Naturally my brain could've just created something in the state of stress during meditation and hypnosis. I have a very vivid imagination and when asked, the brain will try to find an answer. And this inner need to help others might just be our social nature as a species, a code to survive.

    Toki voi olla, että kun aivot joutuvat stressitilaan, jossa niille esitetään kysymys, ja vastaus pitäisi loihtia tyhjyydestä, ne kehittävät jonkin hienon vastauksen tai kuvajaisen kaikkien muistojen ja kokemusten perusteella. Ja kyynikko sanoisi, että sisäinen taipumus auttaa muita on vain sosiaalisen lajin eloonjäämiskeino.